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Prihodnost transporta

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Avtor Sporočilo

Pridružen-a: Čet 07 Apr 2016 23:22
Prispevkov: 818
Aktiv.: 17.40

PrispevekObjavljeno: Sob Apr 21, 2018 2:47 pm    Naslov sporočila:  Prihodnost transporta Odgovori s citatom


Hi Marko,

Greetings through the sky,

Thought this might interest you! Feel free to pass on to other balloon enthusiasts too!

En route to change the laws of the air at European Ministers and Commissioners biannual Meeting on the future of European transportation in Ljubljana, Slovenia next week, Aerocene Community are planning a human flight performance with the potential of a new world record for a fully solar manned flight, mobilizing the Aerocene community of hackers, balloonists, dreamers, artists and scientists to collectively achieve buoyancy using only the Sun as a resource.

Please join us in the follow up of Aerocene in White Sands in 2015, where seven passengers were buoyant with the air for approx. 2 hours and 15 minutes without using ANY propane, thereby establishing new worldwide records and discerning itself from all other certified solar crafts in existence.

We will be set up the flight at every day on April 24, and April 25 from 6am in Tivoli Park in this corner, and hope to be able to rise around 9-10am in the morning. If you are around come join us, becoming airborne through the power of the Sun, wind currents and atmospheric laws.

Please contact Camilla 0049(0)17622081857 or Erik 00(0)15224129516 for more information closer to the date.

And as always: the flight is weather dependant!!

Fair winds,


Aerocene Foundation

We are a global community of aerosolar enthusiasts whose activities manifest in the development and testing of aerosolar balloons lifting off ground and flying only through the Sun's energy and infrared radiation from ground surface, in the distribution of open-source flying kits (the Aerocene Explorer) and in the organization of exhibitions, discussions, and publications. A synthesis of art, technology and environmental awareness, Aerocene embodies a vision for fossil- and emissions-free travelling and living in the atmosphere. Aerocene increases public awareness of global resource circulation, and reactivates a common imaginary towards new ways of co-inhabiting the earth.


Camilla Berggren Lundell
Aerocene Foundation
Hauptstrasse 11-12 / 10317 Berlin
T: +49 30 39881180


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